A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and rhythmic ensemble composer from Nepal. Trained in Tabla and South-Asian Classical Vocal in India. As a performer of eastern classical music and a student of Nepalese Folk-music, my attempt has always been to have music-lovers witness cross-pollination of pure traditional performance art with electronica, and ambient music. I am also a recent graduate of Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management program from MacEwan University. That also makes me an Arts Management candidate looking to leverage proven communication, event/festival/project planning, office staff/volunteer recruitment and contribute vital management skills at diverse organizations. Very ambitious about pursuing/gaining advanced academical training with the intent to equip myself with an in-depth understanding and techniques to research, enrich and inculcate my musical and music management understandings at any stage.


To progress within an institution at a level which will allow me to utilize my arts management experience and creative side, present skill set and provide me with an opportunity to learn and grow my professional acumen.


Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management                                                                2016-2018        

MacEwan University, Edmonton AB Canada

Coursework focused towards Audience Development and Volunteer Management

Independent Project: Designing a Course Map and Module for Tabla teaching: Transitioning from oral teaching to effective online teaching.

Bachelor of Arts                                                                                                            2013-2016      

Indira Gandhi Open University, Noida, India

Major in English with maximum coursework on English Literature and few credits from Sociology.

Diploma in Music                                                                                                            2010-2013     

 Sri Satya Sai Mirpuri College of Music, Puttaparthi, AP India

Performance based training in: Main Subject: North Indian Tabla, Ancillary Subject: Indian Classical Vocal

Certificate in Foundation Course in Music                                                                  2008-2010

Sri Satya Sai Mirpuri College of Music, Puttaparthi, AP India

Performance based training in: Main Subject: North Indian Tabla, Ancillary Subject: Indian Classical Vocal

Other Certifications

·      World Music by Dr. David Sallisbury James Cook University                                                2014

·      Sociology by Dr. Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, University of Western Sydney                          2014

·      Earthquake & Disaster Management, Kathmandu University                                                2016

·      Basic Computing Skills from Kathmandu University                                                               2016

·      TEFL-120 Hour Certificate Course                                                                                              2015

Intensive Training in English Teaching Techniques and Methodology (in-class training)


Nepali:   Native Language

English: Near Native Proficiency

Hindi: Advanced Listener, Speaker, Reader and Novice Writer



Program Coordinator                                                                                 June 2021-present

 Lalita Gyan Kunj, Lalitpur Nepal 

  • Gathering information and researching innovative strategies in delivering educational services to low income and interested students and learners free of cost.
  • Provide advice on program management procedures and develop new methods relating to program management, monitoring, and technical assistance.
  • Conduct and facilitate virtual monitoring of grantees and provide in-depth assistance to currently funded grantees and potential learners.
  • Handle entire cross-functional communication and coordination for the community centered programs. This includes acting as a liaison, lesson/training planner and educator.

Artist Liaison                                                                                                  June 2021-Sep 2021

New Music Edmonton 

  • Prepared contracts, digital dissemination forms, and artist forms/photos as part of Summer Solstice 2021.
  • Labelled artist photos and accumulated info forms etc. for publicity.
  • Assisting with the dissemination, prepping piece titles and credit details in the post-event phase

Band Manager                                                                                                   June 2018-Sep 2020

Holy Drone Traveler| Percussionist & Vocalist                                    

• Scheduled and coordinated meetings, media appointments, and assisted with travel arrangements.

• Planned and managed the band merchandise, advertisement, travel funds and expense reports.

• Grant Writing, applied for performance opportunities and contacted with potential endorsers/sponsors


Summer Camp Staff                                                                                           June 2019-Sep 2019 

Centre for Autism Services Alberta, Edmonton                                               

• Assisted with preparation of weekly camp schedules and individual schedules.

• Brainstorm and developed engaging creative activities for camp participants.

• Completed a comprehensive final report for the Summer Camp.


Ensemble Composer & Instructor (Fall Term)                                                 Sep 2018-Dec 2019

University of Alberta, Edmonton

• Oversaw audition and finalized percussion members for the University’s Indian Music Ensemble.

• Prepared 45 students with in-depth knowledge of the South Asian Art Form.

• Retained student record, grading, lesson planning and follow-up regarding renting of musical instruments.

• Overlooked ensemble performance sequence, overall presentation, stage and sound system set-up.


Summer Volunteer Coordinator                                                                               April-July 2018     

CKUA Radio Network Edmonton

• Researched opportunities of summer festivals and potential future opportunities.

• Assisted with CKUA fundraiser administration wrap-up (survey, statistics) via MS Outlook.

• Organize and facilitated the recruitment, scheduling and orientation of approximately 30 CKUA volunteers   for 3 Summer Festivals and private events from start to finish.

• Consolidated volunteer data and applications of around 300 volunteers into an online volunteer management database (Charity Republic).


Programming Assistant                                                                                       Nov 2017-present

Sai Baba Centre of Edmonton

• Provided direct assistance to President and Youth Administrator in event planning and execution.

• Provided assistance in planning and deliverance of other cultural and community events.

Human Values Co-instructor- Group I (Age 5-8) | July 2018-July 2019

Music & Studio Session Lead for Annual Skit showcase involving 25 plus actors

• Special Events Coordinator- Young Adults musical showcase | Sep 2016-present


Volunteer Team Lead (Nepal Earthquake 2015)                                                 April – Oct 2015

Sri Sathya Sai Council, Kathmandu Nepal

• Developed Created geographical plan and effective response plan to serve the communities living in inaccessible parts around Kathmandu Valley.

• Led and developed debriefing, direction and safety guidance to nearly 70 interested volunteers.

• Successfully raised around Rs, 252, 000 ($2772) to use towards community service activity.

• Surveyed the residents of nearly 20 villages and updated the Sri Sathya Sai Council to take up necessary distribution plan.

• Prioritized collection and distribution of Daily food and sanitary needs.

• Developed engaging creative activities for kids experiencing extreme mental and physical medical issues.


Audience and Resource Development Team                                                         Sept-Dec 2017

Alberta Music Education Fund, Edmonton     

• Explored, analyzed & researched AMEF’s membership so as to keep current members engaged and satisfied by providing best service.

• Put forth probable answers/suggestion for the questions surrounding membership engagement in various aspects such as Demographics, 

Psychographics/Stakeholder Perception, Familiarity/Perception with the organization and its programs.

Objectives fulfilled:

·      Goal: Reach our audience with clear, consistent messages that improve member numbers and member engagement.

·      Strategies suggested based on following topics:

o   Improve marketing and communication practices.

o   Simplify and revamp the current website

o   Create demographics and psychographic profiles of the member base to use for social media actions with the intention to create a better

conversation and involvement in the community.

o   Program development (weekly/monthly) focused towards different group of stakeholders.


Audience Development Team                                                                      Sep 2017- April 2018

City of St. Albert - Cultural Services, AB

• Developed a strategy and effective practices to identify, engage, cross-pollinate, and expand audiences.

• Investigated the best practices currently employed by City of St. Albert Cultural Services Department.

• Identified external and internal communications, emerging trends and gaps and further assessed the situation to create the best recommendations.

• Organization and creation of Google Drives, timesheets and creation of Gantt charts and excel spreadsheets for tracking project flow.

Objectives fulfilled:

·      Goal: To create a plan that identifies, diversifies, and expands the organization’s audiences. Actions listed in the plan may combine 

programming, marketing/communications, educational and community engagement activities.

·       Strategies suggested for following topics:

o   Keeping the audiences engaged after the event/program is completed.

o   Diversification, cross-pollination and bringing awareness of the breadth of programming being offered to the varied audiences.

o   Identifying one’s audiences, budget, determine and realize practical decisions to achieve audience development in terms of diversification, 

retention and cross-pollination.

·       Suggestions and development of an influential innovative plan targeting following factors:

o   Diversification of audience, culturally and demographically.

o   Retain and engage current audiences.

o   Alignment of the organization’s strategic vision, plan and objectives.


Independent Study & Research on designing an MOOC course                        Jan-May 2018

Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton AB

Project Title: Tabla Teaching: Oral Tradition to Online Tradition

A research study on possible and effective transition of teaching folklore music on an online platform

·      Goal: To design and assemble an online learning course package entitled Introduction to Tabla: An Eastern Classical Percussion based on the idea around the need of the hour for all Folk Practitioners, which is to find an effective approach of transitioning from oral tradition to online tradition.

·      Plan of Action for the project completion (focused solely towards the need and demand for learning World Music):

o   Phase 1: A brief research study on possible transition of teaching folklore or ethnic music on an online platform.

o   Phase 2: Study and analysis of the findings and the ideas put forth by various interviewees and educational platforms.

o   Phase 3: Creation of an online learning course map fulfilling all the requirements of traditional oral teaching applied to online teaching platform.

Management Research and Study Team                                                                Sep-Dec 2017

Canadian Native Friendship Centre, Edmonton AB

Objectives fulfilled:

 Goal: Study of effective management and theoretical approach in a cultural organization. Best steps and approach to influence the development of an organization or company. 

Theories researched:

o   Leadership style (transformational or transactional or a combination?)

o   Communication styles, processes and preferences

o   Motivational tactics (motivating themselves and others)

o   Managing teams and teamwork, stress, changes and conflicts.



·      2019 Tabla masterclass (intuition, Epcor building, edmonton downtown)

·      2019 Masterclass: Fairmont hotel, (reception)

·      2019 August – Tabla Demo, Cariwest Festival, Edmonton

·      2018 April – Presentation on Publicity Campaign for Patan Durbar (in-lecture fictional project)

·      2017 Featured in an Artist documentary submitted by students of media studies    for MacEwan University.

·      2017 May-June - Roving Artist: St. Albert Children’s Festival Interactive Tabla Demo and talk.

·      2015 June- Music and Meditation Workshop in Russia (Moscow/UFA/Inzer)


·      Board Member at New Music Edmonton                                                                                                                           (Sep 2019-Sep 2020)

·      Performance and Content Advisor at Sweaty Palm Shows- A Music Curatorial initiative                                          (Feb 2019-Oct 2020)

·      Music Coordinator for participants from Sri Sathya Sai Organization Nepal to India for Cultural retreat.            (May 2019)

·      Editor at Legends of the Edmonton Music Scene Society                                                                                               (Jan 2019-present)

·      Gallery Guide at John & Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery, Edmonton.                                                                                 (Sep 2017-April 2018)

·      Special Events Coordinator Assistant at Sai Baba Centre, Edmonton.                                                                        (Sep 2016-present)


·      CKUA Radio Brand Ambassador for Edmonton Local Festivals                                                                                   (Spring 2018)

·      Support Worker at Centre for Autism Services Alberta                                                                                                (April-June 2019)

·      International Students Mentor, MacEwan University                                                                                                   (Sep 2017-April 2018)

·      Community Services and medical projects by different organizations following the massive Nepal Earthquake 25th April 2015.


·      2018 Spring - Lynd Fort Award by MacEwan University valued at $1,100 for Community Involvement.

·      2011-2013 Elected as Vice-Captain of the Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music.

·      2012   Athlete of the year Award for Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music.

·      2013   Athlete of the year Award for Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music.

·      2015   Invited to Russia to participate in Cultural-Exchange Festival between India-Russian Federation (private company) as a Tabla Artist.


 FormatProject TitleReleaseLabel
 Digital Album Meditārī by Raga Onagra 2020, July 9. Self-Release
 Compilation Sai Sharanam Vol 1 By ESYA* 2020, May 24. NA Recordings & Curation of Selective Prayers from SSSBCE*
Digital Album Bols I By Bhuyash Neupane