Bhuyash Neupane is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and rhythmic ensemble composer hailing from Nepal. As a performer of South-Asian classical music and a student of nepalese folk music, his attempt has always been to have music lovers witness cross-pollination of pure traditional performance art with electronica and ambient music, which he believes will help in popularizing electro-folk experimentation. 

Bhuyash is also very passionate about the music from Nepal, and so has also been preparing himself to venture into the much necessary research, study and documentation of age-old folk tradition of his country. He hopes to pursue academics in the field of musicology and make himself academically advanced to follow his passion of framing a strong case and best approach in continuation and treasuring the oral-teaching tradition main practiced and preached in Nepal and its neighbouring countries. 

Bhuyash has performed at numerous music venues in India, Nepal and abroad with various musical groups. He has worked with international musicians from different background and is thus student of different music styles too. Bhuyash has been involved in experimental music collaborations happening in and the city of Edmonton, around province of Alberta and Saskatchewan.You can find him performing with his band “Holy Drone Travellers” and also featuring regularly in Flamenco, Hip-Hop and Rock performances around the city.

He has been regularly conducting workshops, masterclasses, lecture & demonstration sessions for several institutions, music schools and for his students in Canada,Nepal, India, Indonesia and Russia. Having been self-trained in the western music concepts and theories, he has developed a distinct style of teaching that appeals to students across generations of various musical culture and background.