BHUYASH NEUPANE                                                                                      Resume Link

Program Coordinator | Lalita Gyan Kunj, Lalitpur Nepal | June 2021-present

  • Gathering information and researching innovative strategies in delivering educational services to low income and interested students and learners free of cost.
  • Provide advice on program management procedures and develop new methods relating to program management, monitoring, and technical assistance.
  • Conduct and facilitate virtual monitoring of grantees and provide in-depth assistance to currently funded grantees and potential learners.
  • Handle entire cross-functional communication and coordination for the community centered programs. This includes acting as a liaison, lesson/training planner and educator.

Artist Liaison | New Music Edmonton | June 2021-Sep 2021

  • Prepared contracts, digital dissemination forms, and artist forms/photos as part of Summer Solstice 2021.
  • Labelled artist photos and accumulated info forms etc. for publicity.
  • Assisting with the dissemination, prepping piece titles and credit details in the post-event phase 

Percussion Head | Indian Music Ensemble, U of A, Edmonton | Dec 2018– Present

  • Oversaw audition and secured 12 members for the Ensemble percussion team.
  • Prepared 45 students with in-depth knowledge of the South Asian Art Form.
  • Retained student record, grading, lesson planning and follow-up regarding renting of musical instruments.
  • Overlooked ensemble performance sequence, overall presentation, stage and sound system set-up.

Band Manager– Holy Drone Travellers | Performance & Content Advisor-Sweaty Palm Shows | June 2018-Present

  • Scheduled and coordinated meetings, media appointments, and assisted with travel arrangements. Planned, developed and managed the band merchandise, advertisement and merch sales.
  • Administered band’s (Holy Drone Traveller’s) travel funds and expense reports.
  • Applied for Festival/Events performance opportunities, grants and contacted with various potential endorsers/sponsors

Summer Volunteer Coordinator | CKUA Radio Network | May – July 2018

  • Gained practical knowledge of working for/in an organization that exists to engage diverse community through Music. My responsibilities included:
  • Worked with CKUA volunteer department, and undertook few of its recruitment, scheduling, orientation of CKUA volunteers for Summer Festival Season.
  • Researched opportunities of summer festivals and potential future opportunities.
  • Assisted with CKUA fundraiser administration wrap-up (survey, statistics) Lead the recruitment etc. for 3 summer festivals for CKUA volunteer from start to finish.
  • Prepared reports showcasing the value of CKUA volunteers. Consolidated volunteer data and applications into an online volunteer management database.

Audience Development Team | City Of St. Albert-Cultural Services | Sep 2017-Apr 2018

  • Developed a strategy and effective practices to identify, engage, cross-pollinate, and expand audience.
  • Explored the issues and best practices currently employed by City of St. Albert Cultural Services Department.
  • Identified external and internal communications, emerging trends and gaps and further assessed the situation to create the best recommendations.

Audience & Resource Development Team | Alberta Music Education Fund | Sep-Dec 2017

  • Explored, analysed, researched AMEF’s membership so as to keep current members engaged and satisfied by providing best service.
  • Put forth probable answers/suggestion for the questions surrounding membership engagement in various aspects such as Demographics, Psychographics/Stakeholder Perception, Familiarity/Perception with the organization and its programs.

Student Placement | Diploma in Arts & Cultural Management | Sep 2016 – June 2018

  • Worked under direct supervision for various organizations like City of St. Albert-Cultural Sector, Alberta Music Education Fund (AMEF), Canadian Native Friendship Centre (CNFC). etc.
  • Participated in various other events and programs run by the AACM Department and MacEwan International.
  • Brand Ambassador and Mentor to International students (Academic year 2017-2018).

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