FormatProject TitleReleaseLabel
Digital Album
CD Release 
Alive by Brandon Wint *2022 (anticipated)  NA 
Digital Album  Sol Viator A by Sol ViatorMarch 4, 2022   Self-Release  
Digital Album
Cassette Release 

If I Were A Dance by Mustafa Rafiq

  April 2, 2021 Pseudo Laboratories  
Digital Album  

Soul Surfers: Benefit For Nepal

by Holy Drone Travellers  
May 21, 2021   Saw-whet Records #006  
 Digital Album Meditārī by Raga Onagra 2020, July 9. Self-Release
 Compilation Sai Sharanam Vol 1 By ESYA* 2020, May 24. NA Recordings & Curation of Selective Prayers from SSSBCE*
Digital Album Bols I By Bhuyash Neupane 2020, May 06. Self-Release
 Digital Single Love is You By Bhuyash Neupane 2020, Feb 14.  Self-Release
Record/Vinyl,Digital Album जन्म/Birth by Holy Drone Travellers 2019, July 13. Saw-whet Records #001
 Digital AlbumNelyari by Raga Onagra  2019, June 11. Self-Release
Digital Instrumental The Northern Zephyr (a flute song) 2017, May 28 Self-Release 
 CD / Digital AlbumNadabrahman VI 2013 CD release(2019 Digital release)Radio Sai 
 CD / Digital Album Nadabrahman V 2012 (2019 Digital re-release) Radio Sai

1ESYA – Edmonton Sai Young Adults. |  2SSSBCE – Sri Satya Sai Baba Centre of Edmonton.


  2021 September   “Expressions of an Inarticulate” (an electro ambient Tabla Solo)

New Music Edmonton 2021-22 Season curated by Mustafa Rafiq.  

 2020 October “Untitled” Live performance feat Mustafa Rafiq Schoomozy- Annual Fundraiser event by Latitude 53’, Edmonton AB Canada
2020 September“Of a Vexed Soul”(a three-movement experimental piece)New Music Edmonton’s, The No Normal podcast series 2020/21