Maths in tabla vs Maths in school

Truth: I have always hated maths and I still do
Fact: But intentionally or unintentionally I include complex mathematics in my music performances and practice sessions.
From Grade 1 to Grade 10, if there was one topic I would always want to divert from and not want to discuss would be Mathematics. Geometry, Ratios, Fractions, algebra, this and that. Arrghhhhhh!!!
But it was only after I began my tabla training in 2008, I realized the presentation of same mathematics done musically was cool. It made me feel cool. It sounded cool. Unlike mathematics in school days that kinda heated my temper from within, applying the same concepts from maths felt cool. 
Maths in Music is Cool.   

The video above is an example of Peshkar, which is usually played at the very beginning of solo presentation and is much similar to the opening aalap done during the initial phase of vocal recital. Usually a hierarchy is followed in a tabla solo, as follows Peshkar, Peshkar kayda, kayda, rela, tukda, mukhda etc. 

Tukdas, Mukhdas, Chakradhaars and Relas are played towards the climax of solo. I have included a small video below sharing few of the compositions played towards the end of tabla solo.

For me, year 2020 will be focused on personal growth and very selective public performances. It's time to stay back home and do the mathematics drill. 

I hate to love maths. I love to hate maths.