Beauty of 'Tirakita' and 'DhirDhir'

Theres a common viewpoint from nearly every tabla player when it comes to the complexity, difficulty and execution about the syllables- 
 Tirakita and DhirDhir,  both of which are my weak phrase. But since past year, I have been dedicating extra practice hours just to understand the wrist positioning, angle of my elbow and the exact dynamics that I need have in my fingers to be able to execute these two syllables properly. One of the phrases that I practice regularly is as follows.

In the videos above and another one (Click here), I play Rela, which means a 'stream of Bols' and is frequently the most thrilling part. This is the ending section of the Tabla solo, which resembles the Qaida, but it storms the Bols in a relating manner. After the last impressive Tihai, the Tabla solo comes to an end.

Below, I play a phrase that includes both tirakita and dhirdhir. An attempt at weaving the two phrase and yes it is little difficult when you are introduced to it, but with regular hours of practice and after a while when your fingers adapt the flow needed for the execution for the phrase you will be amazed at how much can a small thoughtful weave of these two syllables gives you a solo material. 

My approach these days has been to study the syllable tone and its production, and execute the 'bols' with all justice.

The more attention to details of the music you are creating, the more you start finding errors. And that's not bad news. You are improving!!!!!