About Riyaz (Practice)

Every time a musician or my students ask me what they ought to do to be able to play "Fast Tabla", I say it happens with time. Personally, I have always believed that any percussion (or any instrument in general) is to be played 95% inside your head and let your hand reflect your thoughts regarding the music you are to perform. 

Did you get that? Fairly easy right? Would you be interested to work on an "only percussion oriented" album/showcase. If yes, then let me know in the comment section below.

As a kid, mathematics was never my favourite subject. But little did I know I would be working to be a Mathematician. If you can't follow whats happening here, it's just a small set of numbers+rests framed into the 4/4 skeleton. Term it 4/4 or Teentaal/Keherva or Aadi Taalam.

I believe all percussionists are Mathematicians. And WE are the spine during the performance of any music genre or practice. I hope all mine and your fellow music mates realize this and be more grateful to their fellow drummer.

The Train.

See where your imagination takes you to while you are practicing.

Personally, I like creating a story about every phrase that I practice. That way I am not just mechanically playing the drums, but feeling/living the story and expressing/reacting to it.

I had heard a very beautiful Kaida played Ustad Tari Khan ji nearly a decade ago and guided further by my Senior @dariobarrosfilmmaker. It took sometime to understand the depth, divisions and subdivisions happening within the 16 cycle frame of Teentaal. What was more astounding was that the Kaida sounded very different when played in higher tempo. Obviously there are some secret alternatives applied during execution which only a knowledgeable masters can guide you. Nevertheless, the theme itself is so beautiful that it gives a great sense of satisfaction (at least to me) to just play it at a moderate tempo.

Click HERE to watch the original video.

Complex weaving of simple phrase is what is best for RIYAZ!!!!Keep up the practice.